About us:

TGS Stampi s.r.l. is an Italian company established in January 2004 as a result of 25 years of work-experience of one of the 4 co-founders in injection moulds for plastic materials.

TGS Stampi s.r.l. is specializing in project and manufacturing of new injection mould and is equipped to repair, refurbish and maintenance of existing moulds.

TGS Stampi s.r.l. offer a turn-key package from the article design, mould project, mould manufacturing up to the final test in our company and to the customer company on demand.

Main fields:

The main products are:

  • - Packaging
  • - One-way and returnable crates for agricultural and industrial field
  • - Pails and lids for food and industrial field
  • - Waste Bins
  • - Thin wall containers
  • - Technical components for office chairs

Know-how and high technology are applied in our projects and manufacturing and we obtained some Patents during the years.